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How to Hang, Clip & Install Christmas Lights Outside Around Windows, Patio, Garage & House Without Nails in Las Vegas, NV

Hanging Christmas lights is a great way to express your artistic flare in regards to the holiday. Some people have extreme creative ideas and superb execution, where others have the grand plans, but the application doesn’t go as smoothly as they thought. Annually, November – December, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that there are more than 15,000 holiday related injuries that occur. Before you jump blindly into the fray, we at American Cleaning Service would like you to bear a few things in mind before commencing the project.

Christmas Light Installation Tips

– Balancing on the roof can be a challenge for many, especially those who fear heights or have physical limitations. Spare yourself some aggravation and potential accidents and untangle all of the strands of lights before beginning your ascent.
– Inspect your light strands for bad bulbs, frayed wires or any lights that flicker before hanging them as these signs are an indication of electrical damage, which poses a potential fire hazard. Make the proper adjustments, repairs, and replacements before you hang your lights.
– If you need to utilize extension cords, ensure that they are rated for outdoor use and have the durability to withstand weather conditions prone to your area.
– Make certain the ladder is in good condition and they are set on flat, solid ground all before you start the long climb.
– As you hang the lights directly from a ladder do not to extend beyond the natural reach of your arms. Being a rebel with this suggestion could encourage gravity and physics to play their part, and you can land precariously on the ground, risking injury.

Use Christmas Light Clips

The most effective way to hang your holiday lights and avoid damage to your roof and other personal property as well as the lights themselves and keep you safe, is to utilize plastic clips that simply attach to your shingles, gutters, and eaves of your home. These handy plastic clips are specifically designed for hanging holiday lights as well as simple to install and remove at the start and conclusion of the season. The light clips are affordable and can be easily purchased at any home improvement store. Opting to use traditional nails or staples can puncture your shingles and gutters which allow moisture to seep in, leading to roof damage along with puncturing the wiring of your lights, deteriorating the insulating coating, which contains electrical problems.

Securing Christmas Lights with Zip Ties & Sandbags

Incorporating Christmas decorations in your lights is a lot easier than people assume with zip ties. Zip ties go a long way, along with sand bags to weight down and secure your decorations. Tying them down to the chimney or other durable structure points of your roof for additional support and security is suggested as you figure the perfect placement for the reindeer, Santa, and holiday tidings. Decorations that aren’t efficiently secure and anchored can easily fall out of place, which makes them a safety hazard as well as potential harm to your roof.

Christmas Light Hanging & Installation in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson, Nevada

If you require professional assistance hanging your Christmas lights, contact American Cleaning Service and let us help you create an exciting display. American Cleaning Service is also on standby for all of your special event holiday party cleaning as well as routinely scheduled janitorial and housekeeping duties.

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