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Coronavirus Cleaning Guidelines in Summerlin, NV; Infection Control Touchpoint Disinfecting, Sanitizing & More

With continued updates on coronavirus, it is no secret that businesses play an important role in ensuring that their establishment is disinfected and sanitized for visitors. With essential businesses in operation and some nonessential businesses open with restrictions, it is important that diligent cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting takes place. With this in mind, we at American Cleaning Service would like to share a few recommendations on maintain a healthy facility, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How is Coronavirus COVID-19 Spread?

Though there are many people that are losing patience for the limitations of the pandemic and some are even questioning the seriousness, it is extremely important that the masses stay committed to the precautions and apply the guidelines set by specialists. The CDC warns that COVID-19 is spread primarily from person-to-person. Being within about 6 feet the droplets produced when an infected person sneezes or coughs, can spread COVID-19, as well as it being transmitted via infected surfaces.

Coronavirus Guidelines

To decrease transmission, reducing the person-to-person contact, reminding people to stay home if they are feeling sick to avoid infecting others, and washing hands efficiently are a few of the standard basics, especially for those to providing services to the public. A dramatic role in transmission prevention is executing proper surface cleaning and sanitation techniques performed by your commercial cleaning company or janitorial service. Educating occupants on proper physical interactions and good hygiene as well as boosting your cleaning and disinfection protocols are equally vital and the most effective method for preventing virus transmission. As experts continue to learn more about COVID-19, more and more guidelines are being recommended as they diligently work to find cures and vaccines. Because of this, it is suggested that you stay current with the facts and information by visiting the CDC website.

Infection Control Touchpoint Cleaning

Having a plan for surface sanitation and reduced transmission is essential for your cleaning professional. Though the risk of virus transmission via contaminated surfaces is believed to be secondary, it is still a threat. When hiring a professional, you can have the confidence they are compliant disinfectant certified by the EPA, which indicates their effectiveness. All of the surfaces are disinfected, especially focusing on facility’s entire touch point cleaning like doorknobs, handrails, elevator buttons, and other high-risk surfaces. In addition to professional efforts practicing standard virus transmission prevention encouraged by the CDC, staff should by doing their part to disinfect hard surface throughout the day.

How to Minimize Spread of Coronavirus

Apply the following steps to educate your team on proper hygiene and person-to-person interaction protocol.
1) Remind proper practices of covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing by using the bent elbow technique or using a tissue that is promptly disposed of.
2) Avoid hand shaking, high-fives, and maintain at least 3 feet but 6 feet of space is optimal.
3) Should they be feeling symptoms, make sure they stay home.
4) Display signs to remind that washing hands often is essential.

Extra applications to engage: Provide disposable disinfectant wipes to allow personal work spaces to be wiped down, such as phones, keyboards, and other common surfaces. Utilize FDA approved commercial hand sanitizer to reduce bacteria on the skin’s surface.

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Holiday Cleaning in Henderson, NV; How to Clean Your House for a Party & Keep it Cleaner During

The holidays make people feel good and make them want to spend time with family and friends. It brings out the giving spirit and that is why there seems to be parties, dinners and get togethers happening all the time. You may be the one that is in charge of the party this year and you will be having all the family over. The problem is that your home will become a real mess and you want to do what you can to limit the chaos. Of course there is no way to prevent all the messes from occurring but there are things that you can do to protect your home. American Cleaning Service outlines what you can do to keep your home clean this holiday season.

Start With Professional House or Apartment Cleaning

When you are ready to take on the holiday party at your home there is a lot that goes into the set up. You have to create the menu, make the food and of course clean the house. You also have to set up the house with enough seating and space that you can use for your guests. There is enough to do on your part and that is why using a cleaning service is the way to go. They can come out and make sure that your home is holiday ready. This will free up lots of time that you would have otherwise spent cleaning. You can then use the time to prep and make the meal the best. The cleaning service will ensure that each and every area looks its very best and is ready for your guests to show up.

Block Off Areas to Keep House Clean During Party

You want to make sure that your guests have enough space to hang out and that there is a bathroom that they have access to. The problem comes when they start to wander into other areas of the house that should not be used during the party. You want to make sure that you use creative ways to protect and block areas of the house that you want to keep people out of. This might be blocking off the entire upstairs of your home. This is a great way to control the mess and keep it out of the areas of the house that you want to stay clean.

Enforce No Shoes in the House Rule

One of the things that seems to drag messes in and around the house are people’s shoes. The shoes are bringing in messes from outside and that will be spread around the house. You can have a basket or shelf that you can set up for guests to drop their shoes in when they arrive. You can also use booties that cover the shoe so that as your guests are walking around the mess is kept off your floors.

Dedicated Eating Areas to Minimize Food & Drink Spills

Lastly be sure that you have areas that you want everyone to eat and keep their food. You can make sure that the floors are protected or covered so that you are not finding food spills all over the house. Controlling where the food is can help when there is a spill so that you can see it right away and clean it up.

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Easy Spring Cleaning Tips, Tricks & Checklist; How to Spring Clean Your Las Vegas, NV, Kitchen, Bathrooms & House in a Day!

Now that the weather is starting to warm up people are getting ready for some major spring cleaning. This is a cleaning process that has been happening for a long time. Spring cleaning is really a way to get out of the winter slump and get ready for the wonderful weather ahead. It may seem weird that when a particular season occurs that so many people want to do major cleaning but there is good reason for it. In the winter months the home becomes stuffy and shut in because of the cold frigid temperatures. The length of the days are a huge factor as well. The winter days are quite short and when you get home from work or school there is no longer light. That makes people end their day sooner and you are less likely to want to make any real adjustments to your schedule. When the spring comes about the days are longer and there is more natural light in your home. That means after work you can actually start to see the mess that has accumulated from the winter. The change in weather also requires people to change out their wardrobe and that means they are already in the organizing and cleaning mode.

American Cleaning Service Lists Easy Tips & Tricks For Spring Cleaning

Start With a Deep Clean of the Kitchen: There is not a lot of items that are in your kitchen that will be there no matter what the weather. That is why it is a good place to start. A trick to ensure that you are getting to everything is to start at the stove and work around in clockwise motions. This is a great way to work so you are getting the messiest parts done first. Then moving on from there. The kitchen will be gleaming after the counters, cupboards, floors and walls are all washed down. This is a good time to do some cabinet organizing if necessary.
Clean Bathroom Showers, Tubs & Other Areas: You bathroom may not be looking its best after the messy long winter. It seems that the bathroom is left unattended often during the cold season so a good thorough cleaning is necessary. Start with the shower or bathtub enclosure. The rest of the bathroom will be generally cleaned but often the shower is skipped. Get a good cleaner to deal with the shower enclosure of doors and add a new shower curtain. Then wash the rest of the bathroom and send the towels and rugs through the laundry.
Sweep and Clean the Floors: When you are ready to get the house done the floors all over the house will need to be addressed. Do your best to move out furniture and get under tables, couches and beds with either a broom or a vacuum. The dirt and dust on the floors can contribute to the bad air quality in your home.
Hire A Professional Housekeeper & House Cleaner: The best thing that you can do is to is to get a jump start on spring cleaning. The best thing that you can do is to hire a professional cleaning company. They can get the spring cleaning done for you and get you started. Then you just have to do some upkeep until your next appointment.

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How to Hang, Clip & Install Christmas Lights Outside Around Windows, Patio, Garage & House Without Nails in Las Vegas, NV

Hanging Christmas lights is a great way to express your artistic flare in regards to the holiday. Some people have extreme creative ideas and superb execution, where others have the grand plans, but the application doesn’t go as smoothly as they thought. Annually, November – December, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that there are more than 15,000 holiday related injuries that occur. Before you jump blindly into the fray, we at American Cleaning Service would like you to bear a few things in mind before commencing the project.

Christmas Light Installation Tips

– Balancing on the roof can be a challenge for many, especially those who fear heights or have physical limitations. Spare yourself some aggravation and potential accidents and untangle all of the strands of lights before beginning your ascent.
– Inspect your light strands for bad bulbs, frayed wires or any lights that flicker before hanging them as these signs are an indication of electrical damage, which poses a potential fire hazard. Make the proper adjustments, repairs, and replacements before you hang your lights.
– If you need to utilize extension cords, ensure that they are rated for outdoor use and have the durability to withstand weather conditions prone to your area.
– Make certain the ladder is in good condition and they are set on flat, solid ground all before you start the long climb.
– As you hang the lights directly from a ladder do not to extend beyond the natural reach of your arms. Being a rebel with this suggestion could encourage gravity and physics to play their part, and you can land precariously on the ground, risking injury.

Use Christmas Light Clips

The most effective way to hang your holiday lights and avoid damage to your roof and other personal property as well as the lights themselves and keep you safe, is to utilize plastic clips that simply attach to your shingles, gutters, and eaves of your home. These handy plastic clips are specifically designed for hanging holiday lights as well as simple to install and remove at the start and conclusion of the season. The light clips are affordable and can be easily purchased at any home improvement store. Opting to use traditional nails or staples can puncture your shingles and gutters which allow moisture to seep in, leading to roof damage along with puncturing the wiring of your lights, deteriorating the insulating coating, which contains electrical problems.

Securing Christmas Lights with Zip Ties & Sandbags

Incorporating Christmas decorations in your lights is a lot easier than people assume with zip ties. Zip ties go a long way, along with sand bags to weight down and secure your decorations. Tying them down to the chimney or other durable structure points of your roof for additional support and security is suggested as you figure the perfect placement for the reindeer, Santa, and holiday tidings. Decorations that aren’t efficiently secure and anchored can easily fall out of place, which makes them a safety hazard as well as potential harm to your roof.

Christmas Light Hanging & Installation in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson, Nevada

If you require professional assistance hanging your Christmas lights, contact American Cleaning Service and let us help you create an exciting display. American Cleaning Service is also on standby for all of your special event holiday party cleaning as well as routinely scheduled janitorial and housekeeping duties.