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Easy Spring Cleaning Tips, Tricks & Checklist; How to Clean Your Henderson, NV, Kitchen, Bathrooms & House

Now that the weather is starting to warm up people are getting ready for some major spring cleaning. This is a cleaning process that has been happening for a long time. Spring cleaning is really a way to get out of the winter slump and get ready for the wonderful weather ahead. It may seem weird that when a particular season occurs that so many people want to do major cleaning but there is good reason for it. In the winter months the home becomes stuffy and shut in because of the cold frigid temperatures. The length of the days are a huge factor as well. The winter days are quite short and when you get home from work or school there is no longer light. That makes people end their day sooner and you are less likely to want to make any real adjustments to your schedule. When the spring comes about the days are longer and there is more natural light in your home. That means after work you can actually start to see the mess that has accumulated from the winter. The change in weather also requires people to change out their wardrobe and that means they are already in the organizing and cleaning mode. American Cleaning Services list Easy tips and tricks for spring cleaning.

Start With a Deep Clean of the Kitchen

There is not a lot of items that are in your kitchen that will be there no matter what the weather. That is why it is a good place to start. A trick to ensure that you are getting to everything is to start at the stove and work around in clockwise motions. This is a great way to work so you are getting the messiest parts done first. Then moving on from there. The kitchen will be gleaming after the counters, cupboards, floors and walls are all washed down. This is a good time to do some cabinet organizing if necessary.

Clean Bathroom Showers, Tubs & Other Areas

You bathroom may not be looking its best after the messy long winter. It seems that the bathroom is left unattended often during the cold season so a good thorough cleaning is necessary. Start with the shower or bathtub enclosure. The rest of the bathroom will be generally cleaned but often the shower is skipped. Get a good cleaner to deal with the shower enclosure of doors and add a new shower curtain. Then wash the rest of the bathroom and send the towels and rugs through the laundry.

Sweep & Clean the Floors

When you are ready to get the house done the floors all over the house will need to be addressed. Do your best to move out furniture and get under tables, couches and beds with either a broom or a vacuum. The dirt and dust on the floors can contribute to the bad air quality in your home.

Hire A Professional Housekeeper & House Cleaner

The best thing that you can do is to is to get a jump start on spring cleaning. The best thing that you can do is to hire a professional cleaning company. They can get the spring cleaning done for you and get you started. Then you just have to do some upkeep until your next appointment.

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