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How Do You Get Dried Paint Off Storefront Glass & Windows in North Las Vegas, NV?

When it comes to advertising sales and displaying holiday greetings, businesses love to market and send well wishes by having painted information on the windows of the stores. This is a great way to spread cheer and fun as well as generate business. The paint is manufactured to be used on the windows and should cause no damage to the window itself when applied properly but the paint does need to be removed at some point and that is where the fun ends! The paint can be hard to get off and remove completely and it might be best to hire a professional to take care of the window cleaning when you are ready to paint a new theme or just have them clean and clear. American Cleaning Services offers some tips on how to get it cleaned yourself.

Use a Tarp to Scrape Paint Off Windows

This job is going to be a huge mess no matter how you go about it. The mess is going to spread out because of the way that the paint has to be removed. You can purchase a tarp at any home improvement store that should be spread out over the work area to make the cleanup of the new mess easier. The size of the tarp that you need will depend on the size of the window that you are cleaning. You want to be sure that the tarp spans that area with a little extra for pieces that might fly away.

Soap & Water to Remove Paint from Windows

This is the next step. Take a bucket that has soap and water that is mixed together and ready to apply to the window. Take a cloth or sponge to the area and apply as much of the soapy water that you can. You may want to apply the soapy water several times to ensure that it has a chance to soak in really well.

Remove Paint from Glass with a Razor Blade

This is the next step and the part that makes a mess and the part that is prone to cause scratching to the window. Make sure that you know what you are doing before you begin. You want to be able to remove the paint without scratching the window with the sharp razor. If you scratch the window there is no way to repair it and it will need to be replaced or you will have to live with it.

Clean Glass Windows?

This step is the same as when you go about cleaning your windows on a regular basis. This can be whatever cleaning method that you choose such as a squidgy or a cloth and some cleaning spray.

Clean Storefront Area

This is the last step and it is where your tarp comes in handy. You can roll up the tarp and throw it out or shake it off into a trach bin. You will then need to do some sweeping for some of the debris that may have fallen off the tarp.

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