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Phases of Post Construction Cleaning in Lone Mountain, NV; Cleanup Dust, Debris & More

When remodeling, renovating, or building an entirely new building, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. Not just the construction, but what comes after. Once the last nail or screw is put in place, the work isn’t over yet. Cleaning of the site is the last and final step of any construction project. Post construction cleanup is the final step before the doors can be opened. American Cleaning Services will share the value of a professional cleaning service for post construction cleanup.

What is Post Construction Clean Up?

Remodeling, renovation and constructing a building is a messy task. Construction causes a lot of dust and debris throughout the site. Smaller items such as screws, nail bolts, and other hazardous materials can make their way in some of the oddest of places. Where hazardous materials can be scattered throughout the site, along with dust and debris, the entire site needs to be cleaned. Once the construction is complete, it is time to do a deep and through cleaning. This is when post construction cleanup services comes in. A post construction cleanup is a professional cleaning service that comes to the site and does a thorough cleaning.

Cleanup Construction Dust & Debris During Remodeling Project

There are some scenarios where cleaning is needed during the construction process. If a business or household is still occupied during the construction process, or when a business is still open or a household is still occupied, you will need to have the area cleaned up to ensure there are no hazards. If you find you need to keep the site cleaned for safety purposes, you can have an active construction cleaning as well.

Interior Post Construction Cleaning Checklist

During a post construction cleanup, the inside of the building will need to be cleaned from the ceiling down to the floors. Dust and debris will get everywhere inside the home or building. For this reason, the entire home needs to be cleaned. The walls and ceilings are wiped down to remove all of the dust. Light fixtures, countertops, cabinets and the floors are wiped down and cleaned. Bathrooms are cleaned, including the drains to make sure nothing has gotten stuck that will clog the drains. When cleaning the inside of the building it is important that the air ducts, air vents and drainage system are cleaned. If there is any furniture, carpets, rugs or other items, they will also be cleaned, making the inside of the building ready for occupancy.

Exterior Cleaning After a Renovation

Construction doesn’t just make the inside of the home or building messy, but the outside as well. The outside of the building and the property need to be cleaned along with the inside. When cleaning the outside, large debris will need to be thrown out. The outside of the house or building, including the roof, will need to be cleaned off. The best method is with pressure cleaning. The roof, the siding, walls and patio or porch can be pressured cleaned removing dust, debris and other waste. Windows are also cleaned, both inside and outside of the home or building.

Professional Residential House Cleaning & Commercial Janitorial Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson, Nevada

There is a lot of work that still needs to happen before a construction project is complete. When you need a post construction cleaning service, contact American Cleaning Services today.

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