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What is the Best Way to Clean New Construction Windows & Make Old Glass Clear Again in North Las Vegas, NV?

Clean windows will make your home brighter and improve the overall appearance. Some builders do their clients a favor and give them crystal-clear windows on completion of their home while others fall short. They may leave streaks and smudges behind from a poor attempt to clean them. Standard window glass must be treated with care during cleaning. Glass is actually soft and porous and is left exposed during a harsh new-construction environment. American Cleaning Services offer outlines what is involved in cleaning new construction and older windows.

What is the Best Way to Clean New Construction Windows?

During new home construction the windows can be exposed to cement, paint, urethanes, sealers plaster, stucco, texture, taping mud, mortar, silicone, stickers, and tape that can penetrate the surface and stick to the glass. Removing these without scratching the glass is the real challenge. The best way to avoid scratches on new glass during construction is to protect them by covering them with plastic, wood paneling or cardboard. Windows that get splatter on them need to be cleaned with care. The first step is to use flowing water and a new 3- or 4-inch-wide sharp, flexible putty knife that has no burrs on the edge. This will help get material off exterior surfaces off the glass. The next steps are the same as cleaning old windows as listed below.

How Do I Make My Old Windows Look Clean Again?

A mist of soapy water will lubricate the surface to help prevent scratches as built-up deposits are scraped off. A sponge or wand is used as the glass is wiped. The dirt is transferred to the sponge and a squeegee is used to remove the solution left on the glass. If you only remove some of the dirt the rest will just get spread around and possibly scratch the window. All dirt must be removed to get perfectly clean windows. Whenever possible, clean the inside of the windows before the outside. This is smart because cleaning the inside window will require opening and closing the window, which could result in leaving streaks on the glass.

What are the Advantages of Hiring Professionals for Window Cleaning?

There are many reasons that a professional should be hired to clean your windows. Window cleaning can be very time consuming. What you think might take only a day will become longer causing you to become frustrated, rush the job, and get bad results. The life of your windows will be extended as they are properly taken care of. No one knows how to clean windows better than a pro. Different debris calls for different cleaners. Don’t guess and risk the possibility of scratching brand new windows. They provide the right window cleaning supplies and tools, ladders and telescoping window-washing tools, to safely clean hard-to-reach windows. You won’t run the risk of injuring yourself which may lead to financial hardship should you be out of work. Pros will get the work done without creating a mess and will get it done more quickly.

Window Cleaning & More in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson, Nevada

Cleaning your windows may seem like an easy task. There is a lot involved in getting them to look their best. The cost of hiring a professional is relatively low when you think about the time, hassle and danger involved. The amount of money you spend on your own tools will probably match the charge of a professional. Call American Cleaning Services today!

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