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Where Germs are Found the Most in Your Summerlin, NV Home & How House Cleaner Can Remove

Cleaning your home is a daily job that most people take time regularly, if not everyday to take care of. The cleaning that people do on a daily basis is mostly picking up and straightening. They leave the major cleaning to a scheduled day off of work or a weekend. The big cleaning jobs can be left to a professional to free up time in your life that you can use to take care of other areas of your life. If you are doing all the work yourself you may be missing some areas that tend to hold the most amount of germs. American Cleaning Services has prepared a list of where germs are found most often in your home.

Germs on a Toothbrush

Your toothbrush holder can carry a large amount of germs. This may come as a shock to you but this is one of the worst areas for germs. You use this to store your toothbrush every day. The toothbrush that you use to clean your teeth and mouth. The toothbrush holder holds the germs from your mouth and it is wet often; which is a huge breading ground and a perfect atmosphere for bacteria to grow and thrive. Make sure that when you do your bathroom cleaning you also clean the toothbrush holder with a good disinfectant.

Kitchen Sponges have Bacteria

Your kitchen sponge plays host to lots of bacteria. The sponge that you use to clean all the dishes and counters in your home is the worst when it comes to germs. When a standard household sponge was tested they found up to 10 million bacteria per every square inch. Make sure that you rinse the sponge really well and let it air dry after each use. You can also run it in the microwave to kill any germs that could still be hanging around. The last thing is to replace the sponge often to make sure that you are not rubbing more germs on your dishes.

Slimy & Bacteria Filled Pet Bowls

Pet bowls have lots of germs and bacteria. Okay this may not seem like such a big shocker since dogs can be messy but their bowls can carry lots of bacteria and germs. A dogs saliva is actually really clean but mixed with food and water it can start to grow bacteria and even mold in the bowls. The bowls are moved often to clean the floor underneath but how often do you actually clean the bowls. Make sure you make this a priority for your pets healthy; and especially if you have small children that crawl around.

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