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Window Cleaning Tips; How to Get Crayon & Markers Off Glass Windows in Sun City Summerlin, NV

Children are naturally curious and hours spent in their room or around the house during summer break may get them thinking about what else there is to do. Kids love to color and draw pictures for their family to hang on the fridge but they might start to venture off the paper. Many kids have taken their crayons and markers to their own body, to walls and the carpet. These are all not good to find, but kids have even been known to put their artwork on the windows. A window is a nice smooth surface that looks like a perfect canvas to a child that is bored of their coloring book. As much as you probably love the art no one wants to have it on their beautiful windows. American Cleaning Services offers some helpful tips on removing crayon and markers from your residential windows.

Clean Inside of Windows First Even if Artwork is on Outside

When cleaning your windows, always clean the inside first. This will allow you to see just how dirty the outside of your windows really are and how hard you will need to scrub to get that layer of dirt and dust off of the outside of your windows. Avoid cleaning your windows when it is windy or rainy outside. This is counterproductive and will only be a waste of your time and energy. When debris is floating around due to wind, it will stick to your damp windows and make even a bigger mess than what you began with.

Best Thing to Clean Windows With

Become familiar with the appropriate types of window cleaners. Never use an oil based cleaner on your windows, this will leave major marks and streaks along the surface of your window and also damage the glass in the long run. The best cleaning solutions to use on your window are ones that contain little chemical and are all natural. To get your windows completely clean, your best option is to contact a professional window cleaning service. If you are ready for the windows of your home to be the cleanest they have ever been, call American Cleaning Services today!

How Do You Get Crayon & Marker Off Glass Windows?

If you have a child that has shown their artistic skills on your windows you will want to wash them off. The task is not terribly hard but be sure that it is done right to remove all the residue so that it does not damage the glass. You can use standard glass cleaning spray that you will want to spray over the window. Then use a clean, dry, soft cloth to wipe away gently at the marker or crayon marks. This should be the step that starts to remove the colors. After this step you need to repeat again to get the residue and remaining color off the window and leave it looking clean and clear. If a standard window cleaning spray does not work try a vinegar and water mixture to help break down the thick waxy crayon. You may have to scrub in order to get the crayon and marker to lift off the window and as long as you are doing this with a nice soft cloth you should not cause damage to your window.

Professional Window Washing, Residential House Cleaning & Commercial Janitorial Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson, Nevada

If you have an art project on your window and don’t feel confident that you can remove it appropriately you can call a professional window cleaning company like American Cleaning Services to come out and clean the mess as well as the rest of your windows and home. Call us today!

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